Naughty Couples - Sexual First Aid Kit featuring Shibari™ Condoms

Naughty Couples

  • $ 19.99

Naughty Couples - Sexual First Aid Kit

Get all of the best of BeaMonstar Products in one sexy little package. The Naughty Couples Sexual First Aid Kit contains what every couple needs to be prepared when intimate desire strikes! Featuring BeaMonstar’s best-selling sex enhancement supplements for men and women, the Naughty Couples Sexual First Aid Kit improves every aspect of sex for an unforgettable night. Be a star in the bedroom with this convenient pack of 4 BeaMonstar Products bestsellers: SexVoltz, XploZion, Velextra and Sweeten69 and now featuring Shibari™ condoms!

 Revamped with a new all-natural formula, the award-winning SexVoltz for men works fast to electrify stamina and fuel ejaculate for powerful orgasms. Men also can yield stronger orgasms by intensifying ejaculation with XploZion. BeaMonstar’s renowned formula creates roped orgasms that prolong the incomparable feeling of release. Sexual enhancement isn’t just for men anymore with the newly formulated Velextra for women. This powerful supplement boosts her libido and heightens desire for long-lasting stamina under the sheets. Both partners can benefit from Sweeten69, the all-natural supplement that transforms the taste of secretions from bitter and funky to naturally sweet and desirable for better oral sex.

 To top it off, BeaMonstar Products has included a helpful “road map” to discovering new sex positions and get the most out of your improved performance and satisfaction in the bedroom.

 The Naughty Couples Sexual First Aid Kit features everything you need to safely and reliably take intimacy to amazing new levels, including:

  • Velextra: An all-natural supplement designed specifically for women to enhance pleasure, reignite youthful sexual desire, excite passion and increase overall sexual intensity. Our proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients works to help women safely and effectively rediscover the sexual animal within! Velextra increases sexual response time, boosts libido, and intensifies sexual sensations and orgasm.
  • SexVoltz: A proprietary herbal blend that was specifically developed for men who prefer an all-natural approach to boost sexual performance. Widely regarded as the best in the market, SexVoltz has been recognized with many industry awards. Its fast-acting all-natural formula offers an alternative for men with reservations about taking prescription drugs. SexVoltz acts like an aphrodisiac to increase sexual drive and desire with increased blood flow to the sexual organs.
  • Sweeten 69: An all-natural chewable tablet for both men and women that naturally sweetens the flavor of your bodily secretions/fluids. After taking Sweeten69 both you and your partner can enjoy longer foreplay sessions due to the improvement of the each other’s taste. Make oral sex an even better treat for you and your partner. Explore how much better and longer you can enjoy the 69 position with your partner after adding the sweetness of Sweeten69.
  • XploZion: A proprietary blend of proven herbal ingredients that add power, volume and intensity to every ejaculation. You know you want to give your lover everything that you've got and they want to see it too, so give them the blast of their love life with a voluminous load! Get a bigger, better orgasm every time! You'll come harder, longer, come more — and more often!


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