Beamonstar Dominates AVN, O Award Enhancement Product Categories with 4 Nominations

PHOENIX, AZ – Beamonstar Products, the undisputed leader in Male and Female herbal enhancement products has hauled in 4 nominations for the upcoming 2015 AVN Awards and the 6th Annual O Awards.

For the 2015 AVN Awards, Beamonstar was recognized with a nomination for Best Enhancement Manufacturer.

For the upcoming 6th Annual O Awards, the company dominated the Outstanding Supplement or Enhancement category, scoring three nominations in the same category, more than any other company. Their products that were nominated include their Delay Spray Delay 100, their new female herbal enhancer NYAGRA, and their secretion sweetener, Sweeten69.

For years Beamonstar has dominated the Male Enhancement categories. They have received multiple award nominations every year and even won at past award shows with top notch products like SexVoltz, and even landed the exclusive distribution for ExtenZe as a result of their proven success in the adult marketplace when it comes to herbal enhancement products.

“We are so honored that AVN has recognized us with these 4 nominations,” said Beamonstar CEO Jeff Bolanos. “We are constantly striving to create better products and offer the best product education and POS displays in the industry when it comes to herbal enhancement products. To be considered for Best Enhancement Manufacturer is a real honor and to have our 3 flagship brands all be nominated in the same category for Outstanding Supplement just shows that our hard work is really being recognized and is paying off. Thank you everyone at AVN and especially all of our distribution partners, retailers, and customers.”

Beamonstar has had an extremely busy 2014 having diversified and added numerous products including their new women’s pill NYAGRA, new flavors of Sweeten69 and also venturing into the smoke industry offering a full line of E-Cigarette and Vape products.

For more information on Beamonstar Products, visit their official website.
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